Did I Just Discover A Mandela Effect?

In case you don't know what the Mandela Effect is, it is basically where thousands of people remember something one way but it is really another way? Here's some examples:

A. Bernstein Bears is actually Bernstain Bears

B. Fabreeze is actually Fabreze

C. Fruit Loops is actually Froot Loops

OK, so you get what I am saying hopefully by now. There's plenty more if you want to look them up. Anyway, think I discovered a new song Mandela Effect, did the lyrics to Love Don't Live Here by Lady Antebellum change? I recently played this song off You Tube and was surprised when I heard "You got the nerve to WALTZ right in".

I remember this song saying "You got the nerve to WALK right in". I mean come on, if you go somewhere you probably walk as opposed to dance through the front door. Anyone here familiar with that song and remember it the way I did?

2 more examples of song Mandela Effects are We Are The Champions by Queen ending with "We are the champions" as opposed to We are the champions of the world", and Closer by The Chainsmokers saying "You tell your friends it was nice to meet them" instead of "Please tell your friends it was nice to meet them?

Any thoughts on this?



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