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Dark, I think you are lying when you express concern for what is being taught to children by their parents.

I think if you will admit it you are not in control of your mental faculties.

You have a personality disorder and you are trying to project your demons to someone else.

You hope, by this ploy, to have yourself in the company of like less than human atheist who will sympathize with you.

Atheist are the tool of choice because they hate everyone and will run with anyone who will cause trouble for some who believes in God.

I know a man who tortured his son to become an atheist and was successful. Thank goodness the godly mother prevented the other son from becoming one. Atheism is a form of child abuse. Atheist have used children to as scapegoats to further the atheist agenda. They dont care about children they want to kill the off at birth.

I believe you get my prize for the day for Post With Most Inaccuracies, Incorrect Generalizations, and Nastiness, and Lies.  I guess I'm going to have to shorten that title, but congratulations!!!!

 Do I get 2nd prize?