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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

Well, Pup, I excluded you because up 'til now, you have pretty much been a live and let live type of person. But I can see that you now want to get in on the insult-fest. You say:


"I don't believe in magick fairies and ghosties in the sky.  I'd say that gives me a marked intellectual advantage over those who do believe in them.  And I'm a tenth-grade dropout.  That's saying something."

Well, just to let you know, I really don't think you have an "intellectual advantage" over me. I was NOT a tenth grade drop out, and while I know that doesn't have any bearing on your IQ, I DO know that making the Dean's list every semester DOES show that I have a few smarts.



Then you say:

"I don't have to lie or twist things. Because people tend to just spout stuff without actually stopping to think about how what they're saying sounds-They tend not to like it when I hand their profession of a belief in magick back to them. They think I'm being "nasty" when all I'm doing is pointing to what they said to me and saying "Now, doesn't that sound silly?"


I never said YOU lie and twist things, but old Unob sure does, and it has been proven.


Then you say:

 "There IS NO atheist "church." We do not have to gather together every week to re-convince ourselves of our lack of belief in a god.

That's what christians are doing, ya know.  If the belief was based in truth- christians would just be taught it and that would be it.  The preacher would have nothing to say for a sermon. Ever. He would be unnecessary because people would know it and believe it.  They wouldn't need to huddle together and keep trying to convince themselves that they're right every week."


Do you really think that? Hmm...then I guess there's no reason for me to get together with other guitarists to jam, right? I mean, hey we already know the songs, why do we have to play them together? Are we jamming to convince ourselves that we like music? Or could it be that people who have something important in common ENJOY sharing that important thing with each other? And not only that, but don't you think it's possible we can learn something from each other? Both musically, and in the case of church, spiritually. And being a Christian has one other thing in common with being a musician. There is ALWAYS something new to learn, and anyone who thinks they already know it all might just as well hang up their guitar or their Bible, because they are fools.


You say:

"Could it possibly be that you are so upset with us heathens because maybe we are beginning to make you THINK?"


No, Pup, I have been thinking all my life. I was once like you, and believed in reason only. I thought Christians believed in "ghosties and magick" too. But now I know better.


And finally: 

"I myself would want to make sure I believed it for the right reasons, not just because somebody told me to."


I have spoken repeatedly about how I became a Christian. It certainly wasn't because anyone told me to. One day I made the decision, all on my own(!) to go to church. God called me home, and I went. And the inner peace I feel now is SO much more real than the "peace" I felt when my life revolved around "reason" and intellect and self reliance.


I'm truly sorry to see that the others have influenced you so much that you no longer believe in live and let live. You can accuse me of "stupidity on purpose", but I thought you were better than that. I won't accuse YOU of being stupid, but I WILL say that it's pretty obvious you have been listening to the likes of Jennifer and Unob and NSNS for too long. You are starting to lose what used to make you so cool.

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