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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

Originally Posted by Magpie:
Originally Posted by semiannualchick:
Originally Posted by ReleaseTheElephant:
I don't mind breaking it to you...You are full of $h*t. 

You obviously have some "issues" with Tick.

Did he expose your crap? Call you out? Maybe just put you in your place?

What "alter" were you using when he canned your ass?

I liked Tick & miss him......what happened to him?

Semi!! You didn’t know?? Tick is a love slave over on a forum hosted by Madam Liv Tyler.

The last time I looked he was cuffed to the bed posts wearing nothing but his leathers.

Cage and Ubu were jockeying for position. Go over there and see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

The girls over there are giggling and shrieking as they run in and out from under a water sprinkler. They tease not to really get wet at first but ole tick is just waiting for someone to venture too close.

Go check-um out if you don’t believe me.

LMM is the towel girl.

You are one sick man.