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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

Originally Posted by Jennifer:

I have about given up as well, it's very hard to have a discussion when you are assumed to be ignorant and delusional to start with




It's a double edged sword. Atheists are called all that and worse. I've been given credit for calling christians ignorant, when in fact I said intelligence had nothing to do with believing because I have seen very intelligent people, know them in fact, that believe. But as the discussion progressed what I said actually said got lost or twisted. So I finally got to the point that I don't care what they think because they're going to have it their way no matter what. Intelligence doesn't stop some from making very stupid comments or arguments. Intelligence doesn't stop some from making insulting posts to others, or joining in when others do. But those same ones whine the loudest when they think they've been insulted, and they keep running back to how smart they are as if in some way that makes them much smarter than atheists.


 They're the ones that "giggle" when one of the trolls posts so called pictures of posters but would crap blood and run to report them if someone did it to them. They're the ones that think for some reason they are owed an apology but they're free to post whatever they want as long as they pretend it's "caring" or just "kidding" and they don't like being called on it. I've read insinuations and out and out lies posted in here about me and others by the same people that call any disagreement with them an attack. On one thread bill tried to insinuate that I was g a y. I don't think the religion forum actually needs christians to post to exist, because the threads always lead to different discussions anyway.  I lived my life just fine before I started posting here and could do the same if it disappeared tomorrow. It's the frustrated preacher wannabes, trolls, and ones that only want to crow about how good they are that would go nuts. Look at the comment you chose: 



Comments like:  I believed in a god once.  Then I turned 12. are the cause.


 What about the comments to atheists? Are you saying they deserve all they get? That mindset is exactly what keeps atheists posting on this forum.



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