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I feel that the non-believers are Hell bent on showing their frustration againt ALL Christians due to their hate of what we believe and what we stand for. Not really sure why that is. I think it may be because we as Christians believe the Bible when it says that anyone whos name is not written in the Book of Life will be cast into Hell and they don't like that.

 So, why don't you get off the religion forum and start bad mouthing the government for having to pay taxes or mother nature for making you grow old, or evolution for making you die.

For a change why can't the religious forum be for positive and uplifting issues. That would be nice for a change.


I don't know O No personally, but from many private chats with her, my instincts tell me her heart is true. Just from reading her post, I know she's frustrated with some things being said on here but we all get frustrated at times.

Although I'm not a full fledged non-believer but have some strong doubts that God exist, I don't hate all Christians. I strongly dislike those that "wear the hat". Anyone can call themselves a Christian, can warm a church bench, read the Bible & quote scripture all day long but that doesn't make one a Christian. To talk the talk, one has to walk the walk. 


I don't think it's frustration because Christians believe the Bible when it says that anyone who's name is not written in the Book of Life will be cast into Hell. Most Atheist/non-believers already know what the Bible says, so why would they be frustrated over that when it's something they already know? It could be because of the way something is said & not necessarily the words that are said. We're all guilty of letting anger get in the way when we speak/write. That doesn't make us bad people.

I agree that this forum should be for positive and uplifting issues, or at least be able to agree/disagree in a civil adult manner. I get severely angry with Bill Gray but that doesn't make me a bad person. It's his fault. 


Why is it that Bill Gray can be Hell bent on showing his frustration with most everyone here but you don't call for him to get off the forum? Why do you want me off this forum, Do I not have as much right to be here as you do?