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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

Originally Posted by Jennifer:

Semi I could write a book on the things I went through when I was losing the belief.

I know exactly where you are, and if I could help I would. All I can ever tell you is when you know, you'll know. I guess that doesn't make sense but it's the only way to describe it.


I felt dishonest sitting there not believing, living a lie, not loving or being in awe of their god.


Jenn, I could write 10 books! 

Thank you for your offer to help, that means a lot to me. Yes, I think I will know too, one way or another & it does make sense.

I know all about living a lie. I kept going for awhile, miserable in church, wishing to be anywhere but there. My husband is a believer & for awhile I kept going for him & finally I couldn't even do it for him anymore.

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