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My words are in BOLD:

Now, if any disinterested person were to read this thread, or even the entire Religion Forum, I am certain, absolutely CERTAIN, that they would conclude that while some of the Christians on the forum can get a bit snarky, they ARE trying to say things for the GOOD of unbelievers.



The same could be said for the atheists.  "Good" is a relative term.

  You could also say atheists are trying to teach christians how to think for themselves. "For their own good."



The atheists however, post hatred, pure and simple. The more time goes on here, the more hate filled their posts become. They are getting downright nasty, and yet they CLAIM to be better people than we are.



Hmm...Really?  From what I can see, atheists call a spade a f$#&in' shovel.  Personally the only time I get "nasty" is when I'm feeding BeeG's BS back to him.  Xtians (BeeG in particular) drew first blood.  Then it became war.


I don't believe in magick fairies and ghosties in the sky.  I'd say that gives me a marked intellectual advantage over those who do believe in them.  And I'm a tenth-grade dropout.  That's saying something.



They CLAIM to hold REASON as one of their highest values, and yet they lie, twist things, intentionally misunderstand things, tell us we're stupid, deluded, and evil. These so-called men and women of "reason" are the most UNreasonable people I have encountered.


I don't have to lie or twist things. Because people tend to just spout stuff without actually stopping to think about how what they're saying sounds-They tend not to like it when I hand their profession of a belief in magick back to them. They think I'm being "nasty" when all I'm doing is pointing to what they said to me and saying "Now, doesn't that sound silly?"



Why don't you all just admit it, you HATE us. I think it's probably out of jealousy. You are jealous that we Christians have an inner peace that you will never have, as long as you continue on your present course.


What course might THAT be, Baka?


  How on EARTH would YOU know whether or not I have any inner peace???  I'd be pretty hard pressed to conjure up any kind of jealousy toward anybody who lives in a fantasy world of angels and ghosties and demons.  It's ridiculous to me.


No, I don't HATE anybody without a really good reason. I'm plenty capable of hate, but the piddly disagreements and barbs tossed around in here do not warrant it.


Lemme 'splain somethin' to ya 'bout "inner peace."  It means different things to different people.

  To some people, a faith in a belief in a made-up god and no longer having to think for themselves gives them "inner peace."  To others, a large bank account may mean "inner peace."

  To me, Knowing I have a job I love to do during a time when so many are unemployed and a roof over my head and some food on my table gives me that.  Knowing that my wife loves me, my kids are doing good, my dogs are healthy and happy, and my bike'll start every time I thumb the starter button gives me "inner peace." 

  Knowing that I can survive anywhere under any conditions and eventually thrive gives me "inner peace."

  Watching that chooch in the F-150 that just flipped me the bird as he cut me off in traffic getting pulled over by a cop 'cause he was driving in a butthurt manner gives me a feeling of "inner peace."


By cracky, I think I've just got "inner peace" comin' out my ears!





 You are in constant attack mode, and your obsession with this hatred of all things Christian has driven you over the edge, away from the "reason" you claim to have in such large quantities. You are now into the territory of denial. You deny any answers to you questions, you deny explanations of why we believe, and what those scripture verses really mean when put into context, you even deny that you insult us, even though you can't seem to post to ANY Christian without throwing in some digs. That's not "reason" folks, THAT is YOUR delusion.



I've never lost my ability to reason.  I pride myself in that. Reason has kept me alive for many years and prolly will for many more.

  I only attack when I am attacked. BeeG started it by telling me I was surely hellbound.  I don't give a s#*t who dawkins or Hitchens is and I don't care what they have to say.  I don't NEED my atheism reinforced by some blowhards like Christians need theirs reinforced constantly.  My atheism is based solely on my own logic and reason. F#%& Dawkins and Hitchens.  There IS NO atheist "church." We do not have to gather together every week to re-convince ourselves of our lack of belief in a god. 


That's what christians are doing, ya know.  If the belief was based in truth- christians would just be taught it and that would be it.  The preacher would have nothing to say for a sermon. Ever. He would be unnecessary because people would know it and believe it.  They wouldn't need to huddle together and keep trying to convince themselves that they're right every week.




  It is not a fundamental requirement of human existence to worship or pay homage to something.  Some people realize that they don't need to be led about like sheep.





They are lost. I pity them, but it's getting to the point where even my Christian love is growing thin for them. THESE people (some of them - not you Pup) are truly the enemy of God. It's one thing not to believe, but to try to convince others that their hatred is actually "reason", and that everyone should hate the way that they do, well, like I said, they are the enemy of God, they are the enemy of love, and more than anything, they are their own worst enemies.

Not all who wander are lost. (see? "lost" is ALSO a relative term.)

Atheists-well, THIS atheist, anyway is the enemy of "stupidity-on-purpose."

Ignorance is one thing-and it is curable by way of education.  Stupidity is a sad and incurable condition to be understood as such and allowed for.  There is NO excuse whatsoever for "stupidity-on-purpose."


The reason I say there is no excuse is because I often wonder (and I can because I was once taught to believe) how so many people-KNOWING all the things we know nowadays about how things work and why things happen-can STILL walk up to a preacher-a person who is not an expert on ANYTHING, nor is he required to be knowledgeable of anything-and just basically hand them their head and say "Here. YOU carry this from now on."



Ono....I know you said "not me", but I just hadda speak my mind.


Could it possibly be that you are so upset with us heathens because maybe we are beginning to make you THINK? 


I don't want to convert anybody or kill anybody's faith in anything.  Technically that's beyond my ability to accomplish, but I DO encourage people to think for themselves because I understand how faith works. Real faith. Faith in things that have proven themselves worthy of that faith-not something unseen and unheard and unproven, passed down in tales and legends and ghost stories that more than likely cannot be proven.


Believe what ya wanna believe.

I myself would want to make sure I believed it for the right reasons, not just because somebody told me to.



I believed in a god once.  Then I turned 12.