Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

I'm not pickin' on ya, O. Don't misunderstand me, here.


Just voicing a generalized opinion.


No one influences me. Not Jennifer, not Unob, not anybody.

I have original thoughts. No one has ever put something in my head for me,  That's for christian preachers to do to their flocks-because they allow it.


I do live and let live, but make no mistake-I am not a submissive sheep.  I don't adhere to the "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all" mentality.

That only works in theory, not reality.


The only reason I responded to your post is because it appeared to me by the tone of it that you were bashing the heathens over the head with your shiny "Likeable Liberal" award and pretty much getting off on it.  It just seemed pretty ironic.


I thought it was funny that all the stuff you were accusing the heathens of doing-you were doing a bang-up job of yourself in that post. AND in the name of your god, no less.

You sounded like you were saying that you were doing us heathens a FAVOR, trying to spread the word of god to people who have no real use for it. No problem. We expect that.


  Yeah, some of the heathens get nasty. My point was that now here you are-none the better for doing the same thing. 

  Thy holy pedestal becometh quite rickety.   And that right early.


Don't sweat it, though. It happens to all of us.

Life's tough sometimes.  Get a helmet.








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