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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

I was typing when you posted jenn.


On one thread bill tried to insinuate that I was g a y.I don't think the religion forum actually needs christians to post to exist, because the threads always lead to different discussions anyway.  I lived my life just fine before I started posting here and could do the same if it disappeared tomorrow. It's the frustrated preacher wannabes, trolls, and ones that only want to crow about how good they are that would go nuts. Look at the comment you chose: 



Comments like:  I believed in a god once.  Then I turned 12. are the cause.


 What about the comments to atheists? Are you saying they deserve all they get? That mindset is exactly what keeps atheists posting on this forum.


I chose that comment because it was recent, on this thread ,and has been used in various ways by many atheists. Atheist view religion as a 'phase' that intelligent people grow out of. Obviously, that is insulting to religious folks. Atheist view the Bible as fiction. Religious do not. Atheists pick out the darker side to the Bible, religious do not. Each assume they are correct and the other is an idiot.


Not much room for discussion.


As i posted in my mock conversation above, pretty much a dead end.


BTW, Bill and I have never agreed on anything. He told me I was going to Hell too.

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