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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

From what I can see, atheists aren't trying to stop the religious from discussing anything.

In fact, we atheists usually try to keep it going-the thing is though, atheists discuss stuff that the religious don't seem to wanna hear or admit about their own belief.

  THAT'S when the religious start getting all 'persecuted' and stuff....


Atheists pick out the 'dark' parts of the bible sometimes BECAUSE the believers purposely ignore them.  I personally figure that if you're gonna believe the story-believe the WHOLE story and accept it for what it is.


Those dark parts are in there, plain as day.  We heathens didn't make them up just to berate or insult you in any way, but a lotta us figure that before you believers get all high and mighty and morally superior on us, Ya might wanna first make sure that your own doctrine isn't making a liar outta ya from the get-go.


We read the whole story. We're not just cherry-picking the bad parts out-but we do remind the GZs that they do in fact exist.


I find it kinda ironic that O is basically doing the same thing that she is accusing heathens of doing.........She's just sugarcoating it with the guise of "christian benevolence."

Ya know....."For our own good."


Debate happens.  Somebody's gonna be right and somebody's gonna be wrong-or maybe everybody's right or everybody's wrong.  Either way-NO, we CAN'Talll always get along in that respect.  Doesn't mean I don't like ya-Just means I disagree.  Sometimes vehemently.


  I think that if you're going to go to war-which is what you're doing when you argue-that you should first understand the process.  Sure, you can shoot at me-but expect a few of my return shots to find their marks.


Get a helmet. 


  Ya can't cry "no fair" when ya knew the rules of combat to start with.




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