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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"

Originally Posted by INVICTUS:

The true objective of our atheists IS to stop the religious from posting.

Thats why this forum hasn't been religious, but combative from the start of it.


Atheists don't discuss religion, they just try to stop the discussions of it.

This doesn't include one hundred percent of the atheists here.



I disagree, in an adult agree to disagree manner. 

Why would the Atheist here want to stop the religious from posting? Bill Gray is the most combative person on this forum. He doesn't teach, he doesn't try to reach anyone with love/compassion. With him, it's all about condemnation. He's the only one on here that has run people off & have even gotten some banned. The only person I haven't seen him attack is Fireman. That's why some people here believe they're one & the same.


I haven't seen any Atheist try to stop the discussion of religion. They get upset because they are called names or told they're stupid for not believing in God. The religious get upset for the same reason because they are called names or told they're stupid for believing in God. It's a vicious cycle.

It's not necessarily what is said, as much as how it's said.


I've learned a lot on this religion forum, from both the religious & the Atheist. Some good, some not so good. I believe the majority of the people here is good, decent human beings, no matter what they believe. As I've said before, I been treated better here by the Atheist than some of the Christians. Notice I said some Christians, not all. Some of you have made me laugh, some have made me sad & cry but I have learned something. And I hope to continue learning.


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