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Reply to "Drunk with Blood"


Originally posted by Semi:

Yes, it could happen, my friend. I don't think you're a liar either but just because someone says you are, doesn't make it so. Someone called me a ***** yesterday, so I smiled & said thank you, I certainly can be when the time calls for it.


I think you are Christian enough in that heart of yours that you can forgive anyone anything. I've told a lie before to keep someone from being hurt when she asked something that I knew would hurt her if I answered true. Does that label me as a liar?

We receive kindness by showing kindness. You're my friend & I know you have a forgiving heart


Originally Posted by O No!:

Semi, I love you girl! You're a beautiful person and you have a beautiful heart.


If Jennifer wants to be friends with me, first she will have to apologize. I have no trouble forgiving people, but it is useless to forgive someone only to be attacked again. That wouldn't be being Christian, that would be  being stupid.


We ALL tell "white lies" - the type of lie you tell out of kindness. (Things like, "How do you like my new haircut?" "Oh, it looks nice.", when in fact it makes her look like a poodle who has been run over by a lawnmower.) And when you get right down to it, that commandment DOESN'T say "Thou shalt not lie", it says, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor". There is a big difference. Bearing false witness means accusing someone of something they didn't do. (Just like Jennifer did when she accused me of lying.)


No, I doubt Jennifer and I will ever be friends, but I'm glad YOU can be friends with both of us. Now, doesn't that ell you something about YOURSELF? - you can find yourself in the middle of a manure storm and still not get any on you, because both sides want to avoid hurting YOU. I'll never fling any at you, and I don't think Jennifer would ever fling any at you either. Face it, Semi, you are just a great person and we both think the world of you! (As I'm sure almost everyone on this forum does.)


Going home now. I hope you have a great night.

How very kind you are……that’s why I love you too, girlfriend! Sadly, this old heart is cold & has been for a very long time.

Jenn has a good heart, & I hope she will apologize. Sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment that we might not really mean. She’s a level headed woman & I have confidence in her to do the right thing.


Oh No, my friend, was Jesus not attacked many times? Would you say He was stupid? Of course, you wouldn’t, because you love Him & believe in Him.  


You’re right, the Bible doesn’t say "Thou shalt not lie", but does say “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. Thank you, I never really thought about that before but I still believe a lie to be a lie, no matter what color it is.


Never say never, it could happen & if I believed in prayer, I would pray that you & Jenn will work things out. I may not be praying for it but I’m wishing for it with everything in my soul.


I know both of you would avoid hurting me, that you would never fling anything bad my way & I don’t think Jennifer would either. See, you just admitted that you think you & Jenn agree on something. That’s a first step in the right direction.


I’m not a great person, but thank you for thinking so. And, no, not everyone on this forum thinks so. And that’s ok with me, I’m just here to learn as much as I can & of course, to hopefully teach Bill what love/compassion is. You & Jenn are much better people than I will ever be.

Love you, my precious friend! And you too, Jenn. Both of you are good people!!





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