Reply to "El Paso massacre upends white nationalists’ normalization strategy"

Naio posted:
Jack Hammer posted:

Shouldn't you be more worried of a plutocracy ?


Think it's time I explained the Tower of Babel to you.  It has nothing to do with multiculturalism or diversity.  It's about when the plutocrats, oligarchs, and dictators around the world decided to make themselves "gods". white nationalists, order followers, and people itching for a civil war are the biggest pawns.  They'll be the reason guns are taken away.  trump supporters come in second.  In regards to immigration, I've heard some say they'll "support martial law until we have time to figure it out."  Without realizing how dumb it is to willingly give up your rights.

So you "freedom loving patriots" should watch yourselves.  Probably should primary trump and vote for Bill Weld or someone else.  Because if democracy falls in America, that's check mate for us and the rest of the world.

Few days ago, it was ice snatching up latino citizens just trying to live their lives.  Few years from now, it could be white, black, latino, asian and native citizens being snatched up while peacefully protesting for the rights we use to have.

You don't know Babel from your but and you have no idea how bad the
shot we just missed could've been. You're blinded by your hate, yes,
it's that obvious.