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Reply to "Enough is enough"

Originally posted by LAWGRL:
Let's just say for the sake of argument that President Bush gives a state of the union address tonight at 8 pm and announces that effective September 1, 2007, every single troop will be pulling out of Iraq for good.

When everything blows up in Iraq when we are gone, what will people say then about us leaving? Oh, I know. We will then be the heartless nation who went to Iraq, stirred the pot, and then pulled out abruptly without leaving the people in good hands. Among other things. Anything and everything will be said in an effort to make the Republican party and W look like a bunch of idiots.

We are there. It's done. We aren't leaving anytime soon.

With the 2 warring sanctions that occupy Iraq, no matter when or IF we ever get out of there, they will have their own civil war. That is pretty much a "given" from every one of the Politicians I have heard speak so far.

We are only delaying the inevitable of the two parties they have over there. They will fight, they will battle to the death. That is their Culture, and if we stay 100 years, their culture will still be their culture. We will never change that.

Oh we might be able to change a small, select FEW, but never will we be able to change the country.

And IF by chance, we ever achieved that, which we won't, then all the surrounding countries will come in and gobble Iraq up when we do leave. Whether it is one day, one week, one year, one hundred years... they could care less, they are very patient people. They have proven that to us already.