Reply to "Erroneous Doctrines"

This will be my last installment for the mystery of the water.
The place Jesus was baptized had been planned before the Jordan
was a river. Melchizedek, an archangel built the stone formation
from stone, some precious some semi precious. At one time the Ark 
of the covenant rested on the main formation.
"And now Jesus descended into well, and stood in the water up to his
breast, his right hand was laid on his breast. His left arm encircled
the tree, and the loosened ends of the white linen binder floated
out on the water. On the south side of the well stood John, holding
in his hand a shell with a perforated margin through which the
water flowed in three streams. 
He stooped, filled the shell, and then poured the water in three
streams over the head of the Lord. One on the back of the head,
one in the middle and the third over the forepart of the head
and on the face." 
It never had to be either one, immersion or pouring, it is all about