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Reply to "Erroneous Doctrines"

Jack Hammer posted:

Praying to others than God

As a child I'd ask my mom for something, (cookies) and that's when the
communications started between a higher authority and a lesser effort.
All people and angels in Heaven are busy doing different things no one
is killing time sleeping all day and night. Heaven is an active place.
Jesus gave us an example of prayer in the Bible, true prayer/worship.
Jesus has also recommended calling on certain souls to petition God
for a personal need. Doesn't mean you can't pray to God for something
material you want, which is 99% of the reason of the prayer or you can
communicate with one of the Apostles, family members or others.
Catholics pray only to God, they discuss with anyone else. No one is
closer to Jesus' ear than his mother Mary, she's called on relentlessly. 
Danny Thomas call on St. Jude when he decided to build a hospital.
God wants that intercession and the direct worship. Be involved.
It's a universal family thing, don't complicate it with false judgement
that was never valid in the first place.
Heaven and those there are meant to be accessible.


universal family is the key phrase. keep that in mind...