Reply to "Family Pet Mistakenly Euthanized"

I met that guy that euthanized that dog last night at Colbert Co.'s adoption setup at First Friday in Florence. He's all torn up over it, understandably. 

 Yup. Pitties are capable of doing some damage, but it's really only 1% 'what the dog is like' and 99% 'how you react to the dog.' (Actually 'any' dog is capable of attacking and doing damage).

Pits are actually very good dogs. It's the element that they've been associated with that gives them a bad rep. If Chihuahuas had been associated with thugs instead of Pitbulls, people would be wanting to ban them instead.


People seriously need to take responsibility for their animals and realize that they are living, breathing, feeling beings.

Nothing irritates me more than hearing somebody say "It's just a dawg."




Consider this:







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