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Reply to "Five Catholics Crucified Like Christ"

Diversity is a man made happening down through the ages.
It wasn't a design by God nor did he stop it.  
The Tower of Bable was being built by 25 different races and they
kept themselves separated. There were 25 different roads that lead
to the Tower with enough room for a wagon and  enough space for
a wagon between the different roads.
Having finished the first ground level story they were into the second
level when God had enough and confused all the languages.
They tried for a while but soon gave up in complete frustration.
Was a highway to Heaven the reason for the tower or was the
plan for a different reason. They already moved into the first
story pagan idols and was well on their way for a pagan temple.
Now man has separated himself with race and language but not
as far as war is concerned...
How much freedom does different people lose because of 
diversity--- Is diversity in itself evil..??  
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