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Reply to "Flag Desecration:"

Contendahh posted:
Bestworking posted:

Your warped reply is utterly without merit. (What was warped about her reply?) There is NOTHING in what I posted that indicates any happiness on my part about flag desecration or any endorsement of the practice. (It was obvious.)  I clearly, and with documentation, pointed out a gross error in information posted by DR. PEPPER.  Neither you nor anyone else has found anything incorrect in my interpretation of this Constitutional issue.

Notice that I did not accuse DR.PEPPER of lying. (Who said you did?) It has become all too common in society and in this forum to characterize mistakenly incorrect information as a "lie."(Yes, that's all you dems do, when you aren't falsely accusing others of racism and racists attacks).  A lie is an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker or writer to be untrue, with intent to deceive. (We know the definition, you dems do it all the time). Propagating an ignorant misunderstanding is not lying. (Propagating an ignorant misunderstanding? Misunderstanding?)   Nevertheless, such misinformation should be corrected in a timely manner before it is repeated and misleads others. (Why don't you dems do that instead of starting the lies/misunderstandings in the attempt to mislead others?) In the last line of his post, DR.PEPPER encouraged such repetition ("...let's see how many shares we can get to get the word out.").  I suggested instead that he get the CORRECT word out to any whom he might have already misinformed.(She suggested something too, and you didn't like it.)

Are you interested in TRUTH, Best, or simply in twisting distorting what I have done here in my pursuit of the truth?  (I'm not interested in YOUR truth because as anyone can see, it's twisted, distorted and made up.)SHAME on you. (No beternnun, once again, SHAME ON YOU!)


Congrats, Best; you have just achieved a new personal best in horsesassitude!

No way anyone could take that away from YOU!!!