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Jack Flash posted:

GBRK said

I think that the best thing, given today's activities and happenings, to do with the American flag is to fly it upside down.

Because surely we are a land and people in distressful times.


If you were joking about the flag, it wasn't funny. If you aren't
joking please explain why your suggestion would help...

Didn't mean to take so long in replying but I missed the question and thus only read it today.  I wasn't joking I assure you.  As I'm sure you know or many do flying an American flag is a sign of distress or a nation in urgent distress.  With the protest, of Trump, in California and the highlighting of the way the American flag, America is being seen and treated along with the number of illegals coming across the borders unchecked, a great many, if not the majority, believing that the Southwestern United States actually belongs to Mexico still, I believe our nation is in dire shape.

Economically with an unsustainable multi-trillion dollar debt, more people than ever on government support, welfare and benefits being given to illegals ( http://www.washingtonexaminer....lies/article/2590744 ) often exceeding what we give our own citizens, along with illegals openly disrespecting America and Americans like they did waving the Mexican flag and declaring parts of America their own country or that it should be their own country then seeing our nation importing far more than we ever have and producing far less than we ever have, I think we are definitely in severe distress as a Nation.

We seem to, as a nation, care more about redefining marriage, allowing transgender issues to overshadow the fact that almost half of the people in our nation are on some kind of governmental support and a trade difference that along with robotics means that very likely more and more people graduating college will not be able to find gainful employment doing what they actually want and trained to do  when they get out of school. 

Actually I don't have enough room to detail all the issues that I believe puts our nation in dire jeopardy of losing what made us great in the first place and altering the future of our kids and grandkids to the point that their lives have no hope of achieving the level of comfort and freedom that we enjoy today and enjoyed in our lifetimes.

I agree it's not a laughing matter and not funny, it's very serious, and I fully believe it is about time to declare that openly and to fly the flag upside down symbolizing that dire condition.  We are one judge away, on the Supreme Court, the third category of Government with it's check and balances, from achieving a completely POLITICAL Court that goes from interpreting the Constitution to rewriting it by Judicial Advocacy and Judicial review.  Very easily, with another political judge or appointment the 2nd and 1st amendments or any others could be radically altered as well as other issues that now face our nation being exacerbated. 

If the picture of the flag flying upside down offended you I do apologize for that but I also do believe our Nation is at a point, economically, trade wise, militarily, immigration wise and politically that very well could signify a critically dangerous point of dire shape where lives are threatened and our freedom, as we know it, is under threat.  If my opinion is completely wrong and misplaced then by all means please correct me where I'm wrong but the photo wasn't meant in a joking manner nor was the comment.  I do feel our nation is close to a tipping point where profound changes will alter the future for our children, grand children, and even our own lives.  If on the other hand you believe it to be our best times and a rosie situation then by all means enlighten me as to my errors and explain to me why I should be excited and encouraged rather than fearful and concerned.  Why the, apparently, illegals carrying Mexican flags and feeling that from Texas over to California and many states in between are actually Mexico's rather than the United States is a good thing and progress.  I can always be wrong so I'm willing to listen as to why I should be encouraged rather than discouraged.  And once again I'm sorry it took so long to respond as I didn't intend to allow this much time to go between your question to me and my response.   I don't know that flying the flag upside down would help but something needs to be done to (my opinion mind you) enlighten and bring to notice many things that are going on and pending that could make our Nation an entirely different place to live for our Children and Grand Children.  At what point in time do you hope people take notice and realize there may be, or is, a problem that needs attention and how is best to get that point across to people?