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Any person who knowingly mutilates ... any flag of the United States shall be ...fined ... imprisoned.  Old school, huh?

But what if that was the good part?

Any libbers have any doubt just how far their 1st A rights go, meet me and my buds at the flagpole.



Veterans and others who illegally take violent action against flag burners, desecrators, etc. are naively playing into the hands of the latter, stimulating publicity for their shameful acts.  Macho vets and other self-anointed protectors of the flag would do well to follow the model of the good folks of Pulaski, Tennessee, who simply ignored a Klan rally planned for their town, closed down local businesses and let the bigots have the town square to their racist selves.

But I suppose it is more fun to swagger and interfere with the free speech rights of the flag burners.

Actually, this is more fun

Cleveland Police: Protester Lights Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn American Flag