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Discounting what happened today and most mass shooting happen in schools with weapons bans.


What the hell are we talking about?


I agree, but the chances of a mass shooting are low.  They are tragic and get lots of attention, but compared to other crimes, their frequency is very low.


As low as they may be Capt, it's what's driving this thread.


Instead of carrying my own weapon, I would rather focus on arming select, trained individuals on campus (not just SROs).  I think ammo selection is important for that type of defensive engagement, and I would want someone carrying in the school on a regular basis to train a little more on close quarters shooting.


Behind you 100% there.  When it comes to the safety and protection of our children the only option that should be taken off the table is surrender.


And one option that stays on the table is the use of deadly force.


So what do you do with an employee who opts out of that option?


It has always been the prerogative of the school to ban someone who is caught on campus carrying concealed, even if they have a CCW permit, even under the old law.  Not worth the hassle it would cause regarding pickup up and dropping off kids, going to school functions, etc, to fight that battle.  Got to chose the battles that I can win, you know.


Then the school has bitten off more than they can chew.  They by banning guns have proven that does not work.  Children die in large numbers.  And all their posturing cannot protect our children.  It's grandstanding at its best.  If they would just relax at let CWP work, those who would bring havoc to our schools....common sense dictates they would think twice.   


What 'I' am talking about here is specifically concealed vehicle carry when you pick up your child.  I guess that argument could be taken a step further to being on your person in the parking lot, as long as you don't enter the building (again - got the issue of them banning you if they find out).  But, as my kids school is set up now (SRO and controlled access), it would be illegal for me to carry inside the school.


Why the restrictions?  What threat do you and all the parents of the children at that school represent.  Since when did you become the bad guys?