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Behind you 100% there.  When it comes to the safety and protection of our children the only option that should be taken off the table is surrender.


And one option that stays on the table is the use of deadly force.


So what do you do with an employee who opts out of that option?


The employee would always have the option.  Teachers are not police officers and should not be required to be.  They should be trained to shelter in place if they don't want to volunteer to be armed.


No one's asking them to be LEOs.  I hope folks who get CWPs don't think they're LEOs.  Its all a matter of survival.  Like with 9-11, we have to develop a new mindset to combat this new threat.  The old ways aren't working.


Then the school has bitten off more than they can chew.  They by banning guns have proven that does not work.  Children die in large numbers.  And all their posturing cannot protect our children.  It's grandstanding at its best.  If they would just relax at let CWP work, those who would bring havoc to our schools....common sense dictates they would think twice.   


Regardless of what you and I might think, or what common sense says about concealed carry, I also have to accept the fact that the schools have the right to ban weapons if they meet the requirements of the law in place to do so.  Most are meeting the law to ban them inside.  Whether you or I think its right, its still their prerogative. 


Now I can chose where I eat based on that establishments CCW policies.  I can refuse to shop at stores that post the signs.  Schools, however, have a monopoly.  As long as the law is what it is, they have the right to ban me for CCW based on their policies and the law that is in place at the time. 



Why the restrictions?  What threat do you and all the parents of the children at that school represent.  Since when did you become the bad guys?

 Its not a matter of being the bad guy, its a matter of whether you chose to follow their guidelines.  As I said, the current law allows them to ban guns inside based on certain requirements, which most meet.  As for outside, even as a CCW permit holder, you still have to follow their policies.  It might not be illegal and, like any other business, they can ask you to leave and, if you don't, they can trespass you.  BUT, unlike other businesses, they have that monopoly on education, so if they ban you per their policies (which is within their right based on the current law), then you are SOL and I would expect you would have little recourse. 


Whether we like it or not, that's the way it is.  We just have to make sure that we fight to keep the from further impeding the rights that we have by misrepresenting the laws that are in place.


Thanks for your response Capt.  I just wonder what these folks would do against an armed intruder in their homes in defense of their family.  This isn't a used car lot we're talking about.