Reply to "GOP In Turmoil As Jeb Bush Begs Fellow Republicans To Go Up Against Trump In 2020"

L. Cranston posted:
1130 posted:

Obamacare, welfare, food stamps, Illegals, money to other countries are all democrat waste programs.   Government should not be intruding in business other than safety.   So it shouldn't be setting min. wage.   They put extra taxes on pert neer everything just to get more money to waste.    Seems every democrat president candidate wants a trillion dollar health care.    If you can't figure it out, so sad.

Billions to farmers for problems created by Republicans. Billions for a needless wall. Billions to Corporate welfare. It seems every Republican in DC wants a few Billion for their pet Corporation. If you can't figure it out, you're willfully ignorant.

Only the moronic would puke their baseless opinions hoping their
yellow dogs will lap it up.  Justify anything you mention above and you'll 
only contradict your ignorant liberals, they wanted a wall until they lost
their voters to a more common sense approach. Now you you need
to buy them and the wall slows down the illegal paper work given to
them, along with trillions of free stuff and no return of income tax
from the non workers, they're for elections only.
What you need is a montage of willfully out of their minds stupid
liberal/Dems from the last five years, hold on to the half you have left.