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Reply to "Greenland lost 217 billion tons of ice last month"

OldSalt posted:
Stanky posted:

Conspiracy theories and the Koch boys aren't needed, all one needs is soot from the industrial revolution and sunlight:

Add the fact that in the last 40 years people in North America and Europe put scrubbers on most large smokestacks, the air has become clearer and the melt will increase.


I guess soot explains the hottest June on record

and the hottest July on record


According to a climate scientist, the quality of that data might be in question:

Anyway, we weren't talking world temperatures; we were talking about melting glaciers. You don't believe NASA? And by the way, even NASA will spot increasing atmospheric clarity (aerosols) with a good chunk of global warming just like they gave melting glacial ice about 25% credit for the warming of the atmosphere last century.

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