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In your quest to be open-minded, you mentioned "a bunch of imbeciles such as the muslims, buddhists, mormons, wiccans, etc." as distinct from Christians.


What makes them imbeciles and Christians not imbeciles?  There's at least as much reason to believe in Islam, Buddism, etc. as there is in Christianity.  It's one reason to conclude that they're all pulling your leg.  They can't all be right, and each is equally valid.


Regarding the kerfluffle in Lauderdale Co. regarding football prayers, I am a bit surprised to see there are still prayers at public facility functions like this.  They should have stopped bothering people with Jesus at football games decades ago.  It's just not legal. 


Jeremy did the right thing.  I'm proud of him.


Y'all have a good day!




Sounds almost like a baited question but what the heck, I'll bite. The reason that the others are distinct from Christianity is because there is only one God and his son is Jesus so that means Christians are right and all the others are just full of crap. Excuse me for being blunt but I prefer to keep it short and simple when I can.

As can likely be told from what I said in other posts, I have mixed feelings about prayer over the PA, I do like to see a Christian prayer being lead over the PA but at the same time I do realize that there are potential side effects which would be detrimental to Christianity so I am personally OK with a moment of reflection or whatever you want to call it where people can either pray by themselves silently, out loud, or however they wish OR that groups can participate in prayers that are lead by others in the audience and of course if someone does not want to participate then they don’t have to.

As for young Mr. Green, it's obvious that he has some need for attention and that his "in your face" atheism is the path he has chosen to get attention and at that, he was successful so I hope he enjoys his 15 minutes as he has likely impressed some of his atheist friends and ticked off most of the rest of the county.