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I will grant that every group most likely gets picked on one way or another.  But considering the biases against any religious group except Christians and against atheists and agnostics it is confusing to me to see Christians in this country as the persecuted group.  


Is there any possibility of someone who is open about being agnostic, an atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, any eastern religion, or even Catholic or Mormon being elected president of the USA now?  Or really with the exception of one Catholic ever much?  Why is that?  Why is Mitt's religion such a big deal to Christians?  Why is it that the laws were ignored (still are often) that said there was to be no open prayer in school?  Who is really being persecuted against in this country if you really think about it, and who is doing the persecution?  Who raises a ruckus about candidates not being strictly religious enough to hold office?  The whole system is skewed toward Christianity.  


Of all the places in the US I have lived (most didn't care that much what you were if you lived the law and didn't cause trouble) the idea that Christians are the persecuted group is laughable.  Kids don't get teased at school for being Christian unless they make a deal of it and try to preach to everyone and maybe not then.  People ask your church before they ask your name here and it seriously matters what your answer is.  Have you heard of any Christian church in the country being harassed and torched or forbidden to build in a town? 


I have heard of other ones being picketed and refused or harassed, though, by the Christians usually.  I see religious material in the newspaper, on the news, I see people who refuse to be friends or let their kids play with kids who aren't Christian, too.  I'm not saying there is no persecution at all anywhere, but anyone who believes that it is really accepted to be anything but Christian in this area especially doesn't get out much.  And just to clarify, I said this back when I was Catholic, when I went to a couple of other Christian churches, and when I saw kids getting picked on for not going to the "right" church.


Be honest and tell me that if I were a fantastically skilled surgeon with excellent credentials in a specialty this area needed and I wasn't aware I couldn't say I am an atheist and so I did (you know, when they asked me illegally as they would), and someone came along who was a decent one but not the same caliber but went to a Christian church, who do you think would get the job in this area.  


Sorry, but not getting to yell prayers over a loudspeaker at a public school gathering isn't persecution.  It's fair and reasonable...oh, and the law.



Good post, frog.