Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

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So fred, it's only his need for attention and wish to impress someone?

That Pretty well sums it up, it is plain to see from the way the boy acts out and from his past.

Why pray in public? To impress people and show that they don't want to obey the law?

A publicly lead prayer is a good thing to have before most events and the point to them is to acknowledge God, give thanks, and pray about the specific event. No one is saying that a public pre game prayer is the place for personal prayers which should be done privately. 

Maybe the others think you're full of crap and they're right.

In this great country they are free to think whatever they want but they're still wrong.

So you can pray and acknowledge anyone you want and no one cares if you do or is trying to stop you.  Just please do your thing off the PA or to yourself just as I will not yell how I feel about the universe over the PA system. yourself..and there will be no problem at all.


So if you want to feel they are wrong cool, but others do get to have opinions and have a say in things as well however we might happen to feel about something.