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I read Shoalanda's article on Mr. Green and seems all she could do is pick on his education and employment.  As if Mr. Green doesn't have any rights just because she doesn't think his job or level of education makes the cut.  This is freakin' hilarious.

That seems to be the standard around here, eh?  Ain't got a valid argument? Tell 'em you're more educated than they are.



RP, I read the same article (really not sure you read it, but maybe scanned it?) and I thought the point was simply he wasn't really employed. And I've heard he lies about the MBA too. Don't know or don't really care, but if he lies about one thing which he did on his employer being Google of all companies, wouldn't he lie about something else.? Maybe not since maybe he wanted to impress girls or something. I have a neighbor with an MBA and she works two jobs. I barely have a BS and have a great job, for me, but it sure doesn't impress people as far as job title.. I see this guy as someone who wants to impress, maybe because of his past problems?



Mr. Green does work as a Search Engine Evaluator for Google. It is a legitimate job and I wish I had it.


It is amazing to me that Shoalanda and others have decided to attack Mr. Green personally and drag up things that have absolutely nothing to do with the school prayer issue. I see this as a way to try and draw attention away from the fact that the school system is breaking the law.


Seems that you and Shoalanda don't care much for the truth. You would rather just believe a lie, right? I did not know you had to have a spotless history to be able to point out illegal activity in our government. He has every right as an American citizen to file a complaint.


Those that are using this as their argument against the law must know they don't have a leg to stand on legally..