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I just thought I would mention that when a person is technically employed by a temp company or a contractor that isn't a big one (such as hired through a company to do work for another one that s/he works with instead of the one that actually hired him) it is common to associate your job with that big company.


I worked for a temp agency for a couple of years technically, but I worked at a major telecomm in security.  Now technically I was hired by the temp place, but I hardly saw them, worked directly with the telecomm people, and if asked I said I worked in ........... security.  I did in my view and although I was hired through the other place I didn't think of them most of the time unless they decided to be


So although he may technically work for that other company, he apparently does work for Google perhaps?  Anyway, I'm not saying he needs to be saying he works for Google, but that perhaps he wasn't deliberately trying to lie.  I have no idea and realize it isn't exactly the same thing, but I am just saying it doesn't make him an evil liar necessarily if he does work for Google...not sure how much sense I made there, but no one I knew who worked for the temp agency (my job wasn't a temp job) said, "I work for x temp agency".  We weren't lying, but we worked for the telecomm in our minds...I never really thought of anyone thinking that was a lie since it wasn't.  They hired the agency to fill those positions, so they did indirectly pay the salary and the work was for them.


I know what you're saying frog but too many people make this more complicated

than it is. You technically work for the place that hires you. The temp company

is just a waiting room to stage people after the drug screen, medical history,

felony reports and other stuff the big company doesn't want to do.

Hiring and firing is easier and less expence this way. Less personal.