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Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

Originally Posted by lexum:

Best, look at all the people you have hurt over this prayer issue just to satisfy a handful of atheists that don’t even attend the games.

Now that you all have won I wonder how many of you will buy season tickets now in support of your victory each year this prayer ban is in force?

Non of you that’s how many.

I tell you what, it offends me that the US Postal Service delivers mail to any atheist owned business. To show you want to be fair and reciprocate have your mail voluntarily stopped. After it’s Federal money being used for atheist religion.

Is my request unfair best? I know it don’t make a lick of sense but neither does yours.

Lol.  Your whole post makes so little sense and is just an attempt to argue.  It isn't worth commenting on besides saying those things aren't even related and you know it.  


Really...mail service?  If people can't pray before a game they won't go?  Now that is mature.  You have outdone yourself.  I thought I was reading something my kids would say with arms folded and a pout.  If I can't have candy then she can't wear her jacket in the  Same type of