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I don't live in Michigan. And it's still wrong.

Jutu posted:
Naio posted:

No worries, Alabamistan is doing it's part... to look out for women....

An Alabama woman claims the same man who raped and impregnated her multiple times as a child has won visitation rights to see their children, forcing her to face her alleged rapist or risk being put behind bars.

Democrats want to give him custody and make her pay child support...clean up your own house.


A convicted sex offender who raped a Michigan woman when she was only 12 years old has now been granted joint custody of his victim’s 8-year-old son, according to a report.

Christopher Mirasolo, 27, was awarded joint legal custody — and shared parenting time — with his now-21-year-old victim after DNA testing established the child’s paternity late last month, the Detroit News reported. “Chris was notified of the paternity matter and an order of filiation was issued last month by the court saying he had joint legal custody and reasonable visitation privileges,” she said. “He never initiated this. It was something routinely done by the prosecutor’s office when a party makes application for state assistance.”