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Reply to "Hell Should Not Be Sugar-Coated"

Hi Vic,


Thank you for posting this article.  I agree 1000% with those pastors!   Rob Bell and his church, which, by the way, will not even post their Statement of Beliefs on their web page -- are doing a great disservice to our Lord Jesus Christ and to all people who hear and believe their teachings.  Rob Bell and his church are leading folks on a fast track toward the slippery slope.


Just as believers will receive accolades in heaven for those they lead toward the Lord -- folks like Rob Bell will have to answer to God for those he is leading away from God with a promise of a non-Biblical, non-existing "second chance."  


Am I saying that Rob Bell is not saved?   No, not at all.  But, I am saying that he is confused about what the Bible teaches and he is confusing many other gullible, vulnerable people. 


My personal feeling is that Rob Bell is doing what I did for many years, and what many other people do -- trying to make the Bible fit his life, his comfort zone -- instead of making his life fit the Bible.  We cannot adapt the Bible to fit our lives or our society.  We must adapt our lives and our society to fit the Bible.


Just my thoughts.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,





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