Reply to "Hell Should Not Be Sugar-Coated"

quote:   Originally Posted by Jennifer Bestworking:
Could be a good thing if they serve liver and onions, or the guy next to you is "mowing the grass."

Hi Jennifer,


Vic had written, "when in Hell you have no sense of taste or smell."


And, you gave your answer above about liver and onions.  When I was a kid growing up in Alabama, I hated liver and onions with a passion.   However, when I became an adult -- I found this to be very tasty.  As an adult, liver and onions has become one of my favorite dishes.  As we mature, so do our understanding and taste buds.   Just maybe, when you mature -- like me, you will also love liver and onions.


And, like liver and onions -- as I matured I found the Word of God to be quite delectable also.  


Jennifer, because you are my Friend, I will pray for your taste buds to mature -- both physical and spiritual.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,