Reply to "House Republicans demand details on Dems' mysterious trips to Mexico"

L. Cranston posted:
Jack Hammer posted:
The professional help should come your way when your daily diarrhea
about who's talking against your goddess hilda occupies your every
waking moments and dreams.
You've got to let her go, every morning you pickup her scent and go
looking, you make a good yellow dog. Good dog, sit

I only mention Hilary when I'm pointing out your obsession. You're obviously projecting your Clinton Derangement Syndrome onto a perceived foe. Another red flag for your personal mental health physician.

Don't try that pathetic reverse BS on those who know you too well,
I can hear the sound of your nose sucking from miles away, you cry
like a baby if anyone tells the truth about moon barker. 
The helda dog is nothing to anyone but a lesson of what not to do.
She's totally void of common sense. All that boot kissing you do for
her has depleted what little common sense you every had. sweet dreams