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Reply to "How Republicans view facts from the Meuller Investigation"

Kraven posted:
L. Cranston posted:

Trump said 'if you vote for Hillary, you'll have a President under FBI investigation from the start'. Probably the only true statement  he's made in his life. I voted for Hillary and I've  had a POTUS under FBI investigation from day one.

Which was created by the Beast, FBI, CIA and dozens more, two
years have passed and nothing on Trump but indictable evidence 
is found on all the above treasonous anti America thugs.
I can't seem to find your only true statement, haven't posted it
yet have you..??

You suffer from Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Republicans have been blaming their problems on the Clintons for in excess of 20 years. Republicans are either so ignorant or so inept they can't catch the Clintons with a 20 year head start.

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