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since most atheists are advocates for abortion  I just wonder how they feel about the worth of their own life.


Why would the atheist even want to carry a child to term when they believe the child would just eventually die possibly a painful death and thats the end?


There many incisistencies in their claims. Why wouldn't the atheist want a life after death?


Get back on your medication, then review your Sapolsky lectures.


Crust-0-matic, rest assured that anything I post is not necessarily my idea but it will always be on authority of the likes of Robert Sapolsky. I hope you are not making fun of Sapolsky. Likewise everything Sapolsky says is not just his ideas but are also on authority of some great scientist that someone well read as myself will recognize. I realize the shallowness of most on here[ look at the two posts above] and I give no quarter to ignorance.  Not to say I think you are in that categorie, I don’t sometime. I know 99 per cent of what I post flies right over the head but it is always on good authority. Without exception.