Reply to "Jeffery Epstein may well go Scott Free and it has nothing to do with Politics"

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so actually it is because of power and politicians, since most likely that is how he got the first deal

The Clintons won't let their pal be much he can say about them.

The Clintons didn't cut the deal with Epstein. Someone in Trump's administration did! At some point, the facts have to get through that deranged skull of yours.

The correct statement would be in 2008 Acosta cut the plea deal with Epstein when President Bush was still in office.  Acosta is currently employed in President Trumps administration.   No way President Trump knew the details of the sealed plea deal either.

Any way you wanna spin it, it's not the Clintons. Why must the majority of Republicans scream Obama or Hillary or The Clintons no matter what the case/incident.