Reply to "Just Think about it."

Jack Hammer posted:
I still say it's not that the Dems lost the race. No sane intelligent
seasoned politician would've acted like she did, what we see to this day
 is a missed chance to over rule the US Constitution and replace it with
the end of the last free country on earth.
It's like Trump said, it's not me they are coming after, it's you.
I'm just in the way.
Most people haven't realized how close we came to lights out.

I think it's a combination of many things including that which you mentioned.  The Democrats were not only looking forward to Obama term 3.0 they were planning out for it all the way to Hillary's re-election.  Hillary was appointed by the DNC to be the first Woman president and the fact that she was unabashed Democrat was icing on the cake.  Bernie was in the way but the DNC and SuperDelegates made sure that Bernie had no chance.  After that it was full court press by the media and their cohorts.  

I really don't think they taught Trump had a chance up to and including the polls that were out there.  Hillary was Guarnteed the Democrat nomination and I have no doubt Obama told Biden just about that and that is why Biden bailed out of 2016, a decision I bet he much regrets today.  Warren and others also, I believe, were cautioned to get out of the way that Hillary was ordained the next Democratic President given all she had given up what with Bill's escapades and moving over for Obama.  I do believe with the assignment of future Supreme Court Justices that the Democrats would have been able to effectivly nullify the Constitution and they were just about there with the Judicial appointments through Obama's administration.  

As you said Trump got in their way of achieving their ultimate goal but with regards to Trump I fully believe that their degree of derangement and seething anger goes farther than just getting in the way.  I believe every Democrat, just about every that is, took it personally that Hillary (who everyone was sure was granted the Presidency) got slacked in the election.   Just Because they, and she, knew that it was so heavily biased toward her and for the Democrats and because the polls showed a huge election win for Hillary she only reverted back to whom she was and that is above everyone else so she didn't want to bother with campaigning to the simpletons in some of those States she deemed deplorable just like all the deplorable Republicans and Conservatives.  She never did believe it would make a difference until election night.  Because she was sooooooo sure she had the election in the bag her degree of devastation, to the point of not even being able to be consoled enough to meet her supporters to issue a concession speech, was boundless and beyond measure.   She was beside herself just like so many other Democrats are today and still cannot accept defeat.  She had already lambasted Trump for saying he might not accept a loss in the election, a question she ask because she was sure he was going to lose, yet she was and is the one who still cannot get over being defeated to the point that she has to manufacturer a way that she lost in order to not accept blame herself.