Legalize marijuana NOW...Montgomery Morons!

If the PEOPLE are going to have the best Healthcare system in the world, then the PEOPLE should have access to the BEST drugs in the world.
It's a proven fact the marijuana aids in such HEALTH conditions such as glaucoma, nausea associated with "chemotherapy"...etc.
But, then again, that would cut into the zillion dollar "pharmaceutical" industry...wouldn't it?
It's a natural growing WEED.
Why it won't be legalized...same reason as you can't make your own Moonshine...the GOVERNMENT will loose TAX MONEY!

"Cannabis was criminalized in the United States in 1937 due to Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Several theories try to explain why it is illegal in most Western societies. Jack Herer, a cannabis legalization activist and writer, argues that the economic interests of the paper and chemical industry were a driving force to make it illegal.[24][25][26] Another explanation is that beneficial effects of hemp would lower the profit of pharmaceutical companies which therefore have a vital interest to keep cannabis illegal.[27] Those economic theories were criticized for not taking social aspect into account. The illegalization was rather a result of racism directed to associate American immigrants of Mexican and African descent with cannabis abuse.[28]"

Cut the South American/Mexican suppliers out!

Oh, but then, the DEA would have to cut back on thousand of overpaid agents...not to mention the zillions of dollars gained by "confiscation" of property/cash.

ps: You anti-pot dopers keep sucking your Valium, Xanax, whatever it make you feel "better".
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