Reply to "Logan's Roadhouse ... new menu, mediocre results"

Jutu posted:
Jack Hammer posted:
You should bring your own cinnamon, I also bring my own salt & pepper
and a spray bottle of alcohol to disinfect condiment bottles.
Good quality plasticware is essential. An as always water no lemon
with a straw. I find cargo pants are more comfortable and there's
other ideas I use, you might have some of your own.

 Ideas...bring a pillow so you can nap while you wait for your food...bring your own food and ask them to cook it for you...insist they wash the utensils in front of you...or yes...bring high quality plastic ware...bring your own sippy cup and you can skip the straw...if you want a drink byob and have them give you ice for your sippy cup...insist on more rolls and a take out box to take them home with you...

Reminds me of when UMI Japaneese Steakhouse opened one of their "special" rooms that was on the way back by the bathrooms, was set up for reclining on the floor eating, apparently the traditional Japaneese way.  I think they have changed that now but it was that way when they opened.  I believe there was pillows around the table also.  As for me, at my age, if I got down there, that low, and reclined by the table with a comfortable pillow close by I'd be tempted to dine and snooze together.  Then the way my knees pop when trying to get up from being down on the floor someone somewhere would be thinking that fireworks were going off.