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Br’er Rabbit posted:
1130 posted:

Wabbit,, being a veteran doesn't give a free pass. Of course we grade by what he has done.   Unlike the democrats that ignored that Clinton not only cheated he did it with an impressionable young intern in his office.  Sure it was long ago however it is easy to point out. Especially when I read an media editorial that said the difference from Clinton to Trump was Clinton was liked.

 Republicans scream non-stop about our veterans and Hillary, but when it comes down to it, Trump is guilty of every accusation he made against Hillary and Republicans show their Patriotism by downing Veterans who don't support their agenda. What part of that hypocrisy is escaping you?  I'd say 5 years of torture as a POW is doing a whole lot. Republican answer, "he's just not supporting our agenda'. You can't make this stuff up, unless you're a Republican, then it's perfectly fine to make it up as you go. One of the most unpatriotic things I've ever seen posted. So much for the party of patriots.


Show proof of that lie for every accusation he made against Hillary..
Also the word "veterans" is a lie, your every little happy dance is
more than a stretch of the truth...
You, the liberal congress, the MSM, the ignorance of liberals in 
general show the real anti American jealously and hate there
 is for Trump by you do-nothing cowards except for ridiculously
stupid socialist failures.
The daily news show how pathetic Schumer, Pelosi and all
you idiots on both coasts are up to nose in the BS you enjoy
so much as you feast on a rotting way of life you want so badly.