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Reply to "Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit (PHOTOS)"

Originally Posted by Crash.Override:
Originally Posted by direstraits:

If, Obama had a city it would be Detroit.  Unfortunately, he does have a city -- Chicago.  Under Democrat rule the population has dropped from 3.62 million to 2.7 million. Violence crime is rampant and businesses are leaving at a pace equaling the population.


More unfortunate, Obama now has a country he'll subject to the same destruction.



whenever you decide to acknowledge facts, you can go ahead and admit the population decreases started around 2000... i'm sure it's all obama's fault.


Population decrease started in 1960, not 2000.  This corresponds with the advent of the war on poverty and urban renewal -- two Democrat programs that accelerated the decline of US cities.  Those with continuous Democrat rule declined amongst the fastest.  Obama is a disciple  of the Democrat doctrine.  Did you really think I placed all the blame upon Obama!  Surely, no one is that naive.  No, just an example of the Democrat doctrine that results in decline and financial rule. 



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