Must be nice!

When I saw this article I thought must be nice to be in a position like this but then these people have worries as well but just different ones.  It must be nice to have so much money that it is easy to lose account of an amount that would approximate what another person's annual income might be or even more than that.  

I've talked to a lot of people, with respect to the lottery, who have said

if I could just win the lottery all my problems would be over

but what they don't realize (my own feelings and interpretation here mind you) is that if you can't be happy with what you have then you will never be happy with more.  I do realize that great wealth could allow a person to do things they never can do now or have things they never could have now but with respect to being happy that is something that isn't guided or achieved with what you have or haven't but rather with who you are.   If a person has more they will still have problems and concerns and fears only those concerns, fears, and problems will be of a different nature.

It's similar to an ole saying/story that I heard told about the lottery.  

Two friends, Tom and Bill, were talking over breakfast one day and one friend turned to the other and said "Bill, If you won a million dollars in the lottery would you give me $100,000?" to which Bill said of course I'd give you $100,000 your my best friend ever.  Tom then said "Bill, if you won $200,000 dollars in a quick pick would you be willing to give me $50,000 of it" to which Bill said "of course Tom, you're my best friend from way long back you know I'd give you $50,000, in a heart beat.  Tom then said "Well Bill, if you won one hundred dollars in a quick pick would you give me twenty five of it?"  Bill then looked across the table and said "You're crazy Bill you know I won One Hundred Dollars yesterday in the quick pick no I'm not giving you a dime of it".

It's nice to wonder what if but the truth of the matter, I believe, is if you can't be happen and content with what you have then you aren't going to be happy and content with more of the same.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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