My Apology To O No!

To my Christian Friend, O No!,

Your post in Deep's long running post "Praying For Rain" made me realize that I owe you a public apology.   This is my public apology to you.  Your post made me realize that I do need to clear the air on several issues:

You tell Chick, "Semi, I DID mention the way Bill has accused people of being cultists when they disagree with him.  I am comparing Unob to Bill because HE does the same thing."

First, to clarify, I do not call any church, or person, a CULT just because they disagree with me.  I do it only when their teachings deny Jesus Christ, God, or the Trinity -- or all three.


Over the years, the only churches I have declared to be CULT churches are those that teach a different Jesus Christ.  This is true of the Mormon church, which teaches that Jesus Christ is a created being and NOT the preexisting deity of John 1:1.   The Mormon church also teaches that God is not preexisting; but, was at one time a man, just like you (well, not you in that sense) and me.   Then, this Mormon man grew in stature until he was an exalted man -- and then, became God.  That is CULT teaching.

The Jehovah's Witnesses do not recognize Jesus Christ as God; but, that before He came to earth, He was Michael the archangel.   They deny the Trinity and have created their own bible, the New World Translation which teaches that Jesus Christ is a god, but, not God.  No one can deny this is a CULT church.

The Unitarian Universalist church is a CULT church -- there, one does not even have to believe in God.

So, when I have labeled a church as cult -- it is for these reasons.   Do you disagree with this?

Then, you tell Chick, "Yes, Bill called me a new ager.  And Unob is now calling me a fundie.  Now, Bill KNOWS I am not a new ager, and Unob knows I am not a fundie."

This is my main reason for a public post to the entire Religion Forum.  For a long time, I frequently confused you with B50 -- not that I thought you were the same person -- but, that I often confused, in my memory, who posted what in earlier years.  When B50 wrote that she is a Wiccan Christian -- for some reason I always seemed to think it was you who had written this.

So, for this wee bit of confusion on my part -- I DO SINCERELY APOLOGIZE!


Back to the cult issue for a moment.  While I have often disagreed with Vic, David, VP, and other Roman Catholic Friends -- I have never called the Roman Catholic church a cult.  I disagree with that church on many issues -- but, there are born-again Christian believers in the Roman Catholic church, just as there are born-again believers in the Protestant churches.  And, in both, there are many who are not born-again believers.  Yet, in the true cult churches, there are no born-again believers -- or they would not be there.

And, you tell Chick,  "(We have discussed things like evolution and g a y rights often enough for him (Uno) to know that I believe in both those things.  Do fundies?  Of course not.)  When Bill has mischaracterized me, I've always protested and set him straight.  Why should I not do the same with Unob?"

Well, here is where you and I do walk a different path.  We still are, and always will be, Christian brother and sister.  But, you have chosen to walk the Liberal Theology path and I will stay on the Conservative Theology path.

In heaven, we will have an eternity to discuss the differences and have a good laugh -- even though I am right!   

I am just kidding!  So, before Chick and Jennifer start huffing and puffing, jumping up and down with joy (for joy, not with Joy) -- let  me emphasize -- ONLY KIDDING, GIRLS!!

Once again, O No, I do apologize for the many times I have confused you and B50.  You are my Christian sister -- and, I pray, one day B50 will be also.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,


Gimme A Hug


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