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As to my description of Democrats, California serves as an excellent example.  LA and the Bay area are developing into open cesspools, with tens of thousands of homeless.

The pre-Civil War south had homes and plantations of extraordinary wealth and opulence.  Slave labor supported such.  Slaves depressed the wages of free persons of all colors.  There were large numbers of poor and a small middle class that catered to the wealthy planters.  Cotton exchanges made a small business class wealthy acting as factors selling to northern and British mills.  Southern governors set their states on a path of opposition to the federal government to protect the wealthy planter class and factors. 

California has portions that are wealthy surrounded by the homeless and those barely able to survive the cost of living in the state.  IT provides much of the wealth in Silicon Valley and the Bay area.  The IT companies use underpaid labor in their companies and illegals to keep up their extensive manor houses.  Similarly, the fruit orchards and vineyards use illegals to pick and process their produce.  Hollywood utilizes similar in their industry, coupled with sex perversion.  

California politicians from the governor to the mayors protect their illegal labor force in much the same way southern governors protected the slave trade.  Even down to laws that attempt to obviate federal law.  IOW, Demmies operating in the same method they've done for over 150 years. 

How is this different from any other state?  There isn't any areas like this in Alabama?

Naio, are you just clueless, or a clueless Demmie!  Is that statement redundant?  The middle class is fleeing California in droves.

From the LA Times:

"The rent steals so much of your paycheck, you might have to move back in with your parents, and half your life is spent staring at the rear end of the car in front of you.

You'd like to think it will get better, but when? All around you, young and old alike are saying goodbye to California.

"Best thing I could have done," said retiree Michael J. Van Essen, who was paying $1,160 for a one-bedroom apartment in Silver Lake until a year and a half ago. Then he bought a house with a creek behind it for $165,000 in Mason City, Iowa, and now pays $500 a month less on his mortgage than he did on his rent in Los Angeles.

Van Essen was one of the many readers who responded in October when I reached out to people who got sick and tired of the high cost of living in California. I heard from someone in Idaho and others who moved to Arizona and Nevada."

To illustrate the rate people are fleeing the place:

"The cost to rent a 26-foot U-Haul truck — big enough to move a three- to four-bedroom home — out of San Francisco headed to Las Vegas reached as high as $2,085 for four days. To rent the same truck going in the opposite direction is only a fraction of that cost — $132."




Businesses and people have been fleeing California for years now, but unfortunately, like this mayor, too many are bringing the disease of liberalism with them. Not to mention their criminal tendencies.