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Post a hindu nde.


Did you say athie or hindu????


Many  religious people make the mistake of assuming that atheism is a

one-way  ticket to hell. The fact is that God cares very little about a person's

  religion or non-religion as revealed by some of the NDE accounts  profiled

on this website. The only thing that really matters is the

spiritual condition of the heart.


My experience has been that when  an atheist tells me they don't believe in God,

they really mean they  don't believe in the Christian God or any God from any

religion. From  the NDE perspective, I can agree with this. Many atheists reject

a spirit world for one reason or another and they generally do so because  they

have a strict scientific  perspective of reality.


Many scientific atheists devote their entire  life studying the laws of nature and,

to them, this may be their form of  divine devotion whether they know it or not.

 In fact, because of this, I  submit to you that a large percentage of such

scientists are closer to  spirituality than many religionists.


The near-death experiences below are already profiled on this website 

elsewhere. The purpose of this web page is to group those atheists  profiled

on this website who had a near-death experience. This web page  provides

links to their near-death experience accounts.



NDEs of  Atheists Index




I don't know of any Hindu.