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Reply to "new study suggests some people grossly overestimate their political knowledge."

Stanky posted:
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L. Cranston posted:

It's funny to see the Republicans scramble to cover for the posts they made earlier. The tax bills passed in 82 and 84, together, constituted the largest tax increase in peacetime, in US history. At no point in the history of America  have Republican tax breaks done what Republicans said they'd do and today is no different.


Provenance for this claim, please!

As is always the case, there usually is a big lie hidden in the "real truth". Most of that 1982 "biggest tax hike ever" was the rescission of future lower tax brackets and not the actual raising of taxes. That is exactly like calling a smaller budget increase than originally planned a budget cut. There were increases of business fees and the reduction of business loophole though along with a gas tax increase. Where the real tax increase was in the increase of payroll taxes that all sides agreed upon to push the inevitable Social Security and Medicare crunch into the future.

Facts don't contain lies. Facts don't pick sides.  Screaming Republicans cut taxes without giving ALL the FACTS is being very deceitful.


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