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Reply to "new study suggests some people grossly overestimate their political knowledge."

Kraven posted:

LC said, Facts don't contain lies. Facts don't pick sides.

So you're saying the FBI, CIA, most of the Dems in congress,
Rinos, the Clintons, spies, FISA judges, the MSM, CNN, NBC, CBS
MSNBC, ABC and plenty more where these came from,,,,
Don't lie..?? and their facts have been all lies..
You need to calm down, stop screaming, eat another sandwich---


Lets get your answer straight. You're saying the FBI, CIA, most Democrats, some Republicans, the Clintons, spies (foreign? domestic? ) FISA judges, the Media, and all the other outlets are lying and only a handful of Republicans and Trump tell the truth? Is that truly your stance?

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